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Types of Genre Game with Examples Games – Along with the development of technology as well as the times, then the Technology in the art of entertainment is Games into an entertainment that can not be separated from current community. In addition to providing challenge game also provide experience for players to gain insight and new information from the game being played. Digital games that were once just a game devoted to leisure, games are contested and now developers vying to make a digital game that can provide a good experience for users. Formerly that just started from Gimbot, then Nintendo, Sega, PS1, PS2, and followed the next generation PS3, XBox, PS4 Android Mobile Game and the most powerful of all that is a very multifunctional PC Game.

All Type Of Game And Examples of Kinds


Who does not know the game’s Open World, all versions of the game GTA is a very well known it is a kind of Open-World. Where the Player can explore throughout all corners of the vast Game Map Area without having to switch scene or loading. It’s true that some places do have to pass through the loading, but typical of the Game’s Open World i.e. player is free to roam wherever appropriate she wants. Even if it is not in accordance with the Mission granted by the game. Player can enjoy anywhere who want to land on.

Game Open the Wolrd is very popular right now, usually the most-Open World is Adventure or RPG gameplay with Action. The game also features an arena like the situation as well as the charts on the Arena which was seeded to pamper the eyes of the players.

Open World Game Example :

Open World Action example

Open World Action exampleGrand Theft Auto

Open World – RPG (Action Adventure)

Open World – RPG (Action Adventure)Dark Souls (Open World – RPG )



RPG games is a game where the player plays using a character with specific main Storyline in the game. In this game there is usually an element such as experience points, character development or who we play so as to make our characters level up and getting stronger. Elements of the story in a very condensed RPG games. There’s the end of the story we can set yourself depending on what we do in the game. Usually in the game there is also an RPG system equipment, where to reinforce the characters we play required a combination of gear that influence in the running of RPG games.

Addition in RPG games we can explore the map such Open World but the different in RPG Game more often there is loading every time change Map Area. RPG games divided into two genres, namely Action RPG and Turn Based RPG. the difference in the second derivative of RPG is battle system. where Action RPGS have freedom in controlling a character and a real time battle (does not have to wait to attack each other). In Turn Based RPG system are more likely to battle strategy. Where we should give orders to characters such as Attack, Magic, Skill and select the enemy in attack in every fight. a Turn Based RPG is excess we are demanded to make tactics in order to be in a fight of characters we can win the fight and gets experience points.

RPG (Role Playing Game) Example :

Example Game Action RPG

Example Game Action RPG Assassin CreedAssassin Creed

Example Action MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG)

Example Action MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG)Avabel Online (Android Mobile)

Example Turn Based RPG

Example Turn Based RPGFinal Fantasy X



Strategy game is a game in which we as players run a variety of unique units to win the game. His gameplay we usually arrange units or troops to defend, resist, even defeating the enemy in the game. Here we must build defenses, buildings, and troops with specific charges that can be got from the source in the sources folder field. Strategy games there are based Real Time Strategy and there is a Turn Based Strategy. In Real Time Strategy we control unit that we play directly without waiting for the turn. That’s why it should be extra quick thinking because your enemy will not wait for you to think. It can be because you over time think your troops have been defeated by your enemies. If in Turn Based Strategy yes just imagine if you play chess. We set up a strategy for defeating the enemy, but we must wait for our enemy’s turn.

Strategy Games Example :

Example Real Time Strategy

Example Real Time StrategyAge Of Empires

Example Turn Based Strategy

Example Turn Based StrategyBrigandine

Example Card Strategy

Example Card StrategyYu Gi Oh Online – Card Strategy Game 


Well if this game definitely is quite popular lately. Surely you already know with the game that uses a rifle in the game. Importance of elements Yes definitely firearms both modern as well as ancient times the age of the rich world war. Well shooter game that we often see that there is a FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPS (Third Person Shooter). The difference in these two types of games this is the standpoint of the players in playing the game. If the FPS was a first person perspective (usually just the plasticity of hands, arms and crosshair),

if TPS is the point of view of the 3rd person (the physical body of the character we play). Just check the difference fps and tps through the example image below.

Shooter Game Example : 

Example First Person Shooter (FPS)

Example First Person Shooter (FPS) Counter StrikeCounter Strike

Example Third Person Shooter

Conflict VietnamConflict Vietnam



This game is definitely not strange to hear again. There is already a key word racing, yes its Sports racing game means. From race cars, motorcycles until horse racing games are also included. The goal is definitely to be the fastest be number 1 and frist to get finish line. The usual themes in take in the game racing street racing and race is official. In some games the player can also upgrade and modify their vehicles updating in order to more quickly and look good.

Game Racing Example :

Sports Racing

Sports Racing Need For Speed The RunNeed For Speed The Run

Racing Action Game Example

Racing Action Game Example Road Redemption AlphaRoad Redemption Alpha



Simulation games is games that are made from things that exist in the real world. Maybe this game is created for people who want to try something that he cant do in real life, for example just imagine if you want to drive a plane but you could not do in the real world, then you can channel the desire by playing driving simulator plane and may be your skill will increases and make you have chance to drive real Plane sometime. This kinds of game is also beneficial also for the exercise which we cannot use Real stuff. This game is made from the realistic control properties and give challenge to be face such in real life. this game is quite challenging as the activity in the real world, because it is made as a real life simulation. But if you already master this game then you will know how to work the actual object in outline. in addition to exciting and challenging simulation games also provide educational points for players.

Game Simulator Examples:

Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator Bus Driving SimulatorBus Driving Simulator

Life (Framing, Love & Dll) Simulator

Life (Framing, Love & Dll) SimulatorLife SimulatorHarvest Moon



Fight! this is the point of fighting Game. Usually players are allowed to choose free characters that want to use. The goal of this game to defeat the enemy by fighting with the style of each character and its special ability. In this game players use characters and fight each other characters. usually 1 vs 1 fight in a narrow place like popular fighting game.

Fighting Game Examples : 

Fighting Game (Battle Arena)

Fighting Game (Battle Arena)Tekken



Sports game is one of a genre games that are made from a sport such in real life. From the players, referees, stadiums to strategy games in the notice here. A character from this game Sports Star are usually really exist in the real world. But there is also which is the result of game maker creations. Gaming system each game is different depending on the type of sport and that makes.

Sport Game Example :

Sport Game ExamplePro Evolution Soccer



Arcade Game seems to be the ancestor of all games. Seen from the game that is usually without end and solely for the pursuit of high score value. Elements of the storyline is not too note in this game, although today many games of this type is already added various new features but the goal is still the same as the previous version before. This game is more aimed only to entertain in leisure time, although the purpose of all games is entertaining, Gameplay of the arcade type is very simple to play.

Arcade Game Examples :

Arcade Game Examples Tetris Tetris


So, Did you have ever played all genres of the game above? if it right, of course you must be a true gamer. As technology progresses it will be in line with the innovation of new game types that are worth to played. Maybe the above article there is a less complete explanation, of course you can suggest to add your opinion in the comment field. Hopefully this article adds information to us about the various genres of types of games that we can play today.

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